We need to talk about little Timmy...and his aim

It seems when you have a 10 year old in the house reminder signage can be helpful, but it is not a panacea. Since it seems like 10 year old boys are, well, distracted most every minute you really need powerful signage to do the trick. I thought this sign could help reduce the issue. We are hoping for good results.

It is 3mm walnut veneered mdf on birch ply. I hope I got the direction of the swirl right. Even if the sign doesn’t work, you always want to be true to the coriolis effect…

The GF sure can impact every part of your life!


Cute! :grinning:

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I’m sure Timmy will be thrilled to find this discussion when he’s a teenager! :rofl:


I clicked on your Icon to find out more about you. It said “Tinkerer…”

I read it as “Tinkler” because of the subject of this post!!! Lol!!! Guess all of us guys were tinklers at one time!!! :slight_smile:

Glad we are Tinkerer’s now!


Give it a few years… you’ll be back to tinkling too! :joy:


He’s going to be so distracted by reading it… there will be more cleanup necessary.

You living in Amsterdam you’ve probably come across the fly imagine in the male loo stalls. I’ve never seen this myself, being the wrong gender, but heard stories about this from my flower bulb professor friend who couldn’t get over it. Apparently it helps the aim.


A big laser cut fly! Hmmm… I have indeed seen this. It is odd, but i suppose effective. A focus point to say the least!

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If only Timmy knew!

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I remember when my daughter traveled to the UK as a tween and I had to explain to her why some items were readily available in the public girl’s restrooms that aren’t in ones here in the US. Wasn’t ready to go into that level of detail. :smirk: To my knowledge they are available in the men’s here.


I’m so curious but afraid to Google it. lol

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I know what you mean!