Weak score/engrave and cut on right side of machine

Hi anyone any suggestions to help- I have a brand new plus and it seems to be doing everything on the far right really weakly, to the point it can’t cut through wood on the right that it is having no problem with on the left or center.
I have calibrated the cameras,
Cleaned all the lenses.
Cleaned the machine.
Made sure and triple checked that the machine in general is level.
Made sure that the crumb tray is in correctly, no debris in the grooves for the crumb tray to rest in. Made sure with a spirit level that the crumb tray is level.
Used proofgrade wood.
I have honeycombs to hold wood in place, it is not warped and is flat.
Attaching a couple of photos. As you can see from the score on the calibration print the right side is more pixilated looking and weaker than the dark clear score print on the left. I have also attached a photo of a cut showing how the cut got weaker as it went to the right (the weaker side for the photo will be on the left as I had to show you the underside of the wood to see it).
From other posts I have read this seems to be a big problem and machines have needed replacing… I am hoping there has been a fix discovered since and someone can help me! This is getting expensive as I am trying to problem solve and it is wasting so much wood!
Ive emailed support but know that they can take days to reply :frowning:
Thanks so much in advance!

Welcome to the community Jodi! :sunglasses:
Support will be along to help when they can get to you.

Hi Jodi! I see you already emailed us about this and we’re working on it there, so I’m going to close this topic. Thank you!