Wearable canvas bag

Could you please share your settings with me as well? This looks amazing. Thank you so much!

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Can I please get the settings. I currently have these bags. TIA

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May I have the settings. I want to try canvas prints. Thanks

Hi, It looks this canvas prints are a success can I have the setting?

I’m sorry sorry for getting back so late. I’ve been super busy with work. Did I ever send them to u?

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Do you mind sharing your settings with me?! :slight_smile: Yours turned out beautifully! Happy New Year!

I didnt see it. Can you send it to hmhouse6540@yahoo.com please.


I would love the settings for the bags. I’ve been scared of fires so I haven’t tried printing on canvas. I really want to though since I have a big supply of them left over from my last daughter’s wedding. Thanks so much for sharing.

That’s so nice! Mind sharing the settings please! Awesome work!

can you send me a message for your settings on your bag I LOVE IT!!!

I’m so sorry for the delay. I’m messaged everyone the settings.

Love the bag. Would you mind sharing what settings you used! is it muslin or canvas if you don’t mind me asking?

Hello, could you share the settings with me as well? Thanks in advance

Hi, What’s the settings for canvas bag? sometimes it tears and sometimes it doesn’t engrave. =(

would love those setting too :slight_smile:

I’m sorry for the delay in replying. The winter storm in Texas and work life has got me scattered brained. I am going to reply to everyone right now!

If I didn’t reply please message me!!