Wearable canvas bag

I am a new owner would you mind sharing your settings. Thank you

Please share the settings.

I love this! Would you please share your settings with me? Thinking about creating small bags for my daughter to have and carry with her. She loves to pick things up off the ground and keep them in her pocket.

Beautiful result! I would love to try this.

Can I get settings? Thanks!

I sent everyone a message!

You’re bag is so beautiful and looks like you got the settings just right!
If you are still seeing posts on this thread I would love if you could inbox me the settings you used. Also were you on a pro/basic, etc?
I think it would be great to do a similar design on canvas for my pre-k kids to paint.
Thank you!

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Sorry to add to the list- could you send me the canvas settings also please!

Hello, This is great !!
Can you share your setting please ?

Messaged y’all!

Hi there! That looks great! I’m new to canvas material and I’d love for you to share the settings you used!

Glowforge requires us to confine discussion of manual settings in their forums to the Beyond the Manual category. The current preferred practice is to either move the entire thread to Beyond the Manual or, to start a new thread there and, link to it from this one. Let us know if you want help moving the thread to BTM.

My apologies. I always have been sending it in a message to avoid that but this must have slipped. I deleted the post.

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could I also have the settings you used?!!