Wearable Electronics book opportunity

Since I know a bunch of you use your Glowforge to create amazing wearable electronics projects, wanted to pass along this opportunity:

Hello Wearable Technology and Electronic Textile community!

You are enthusiastically invited to submit images of your work to be considered for inclusion in the second edition of the book “Make: Wearable Electronics”.

The first edition was published in 2014, and so much new amazing work has been developed in the last decade. The second edition will include end-of-chapter Galleries that feature the work of people like you. We need your help to share the depth and breadth of projects coming out of the wearables community!

We are looking for images of wearable electronics, e-textiles, and body-based electronics projects. This call is open to projects from people in all fields – from cosplayers to academics, HCI researchers to costume designers. In addition to photos of the final work, process images and sketches are also encouraged. Please share your e-textiles experiments, lab creations, and/or runway pieces. Work from all stages and skill levels is encouraged.

The deadline for submissions is Wednesday, May 29, 2024 at 11:59 pm EDT.

Submit your images here: https://forms.gle/SFwdaiPbD1CXu69H6

We are on a tight timeline so please be sure to submit before the deadline closes!

We look forward to hearing from you!


That would be so much fun to have a submission to. The window is just a little too tight for me working full time.I do hope we see some wonderful submissions from this group though.


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I expect to see this in the collection: Mona Patel on Instagram: "BTS on how GENIUS @casey_curran brings my vision of this incredible kinetic arm piece to life in under 30 days! It was an intensely interative process with a lot of brainstorming and problem-solving in collaboration with the @irisvanherpen team and myself. As a STEM geek I dreamt of having these mechanical gloves that opened and closed to create a mutlisensory effect for the dress that synced with @nick_knight work in this year's exhibition! I discovered Casey on March 29, had our first call April 1st and rest is history! Hope you guys can see how much time, effort and love was put into making JUST this piece of art! Thank you Casey from the bottom of my heart for giving me wings to fly🦋❤"


This looks like a great opportunity! I’m sending in some work!


@ccurran :slight_smile:

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