Webshops that ships to Europe/sweden? Proffgrade or other materials

Didnt really know where to post, im on mobile.

So, i ve tried searching, only found my old post on where to get materials and that is 3yo so resuming that felt like a loong shot, hence me here, again, with dumbas questions :sweat_smile:

Im looking for webshops that ship to europe, sweden specifically.
Most importantly acrylic sheets, but wood -with- the protective film on it.

Any help is appreciated :pray:

A relative of a friend of mine lives in Eastern Norway and has a laser (not GF) and picks up materials when over on periodic visits to what I would call “mainland Europe” because it’s so expensive to get anything shipped to her.

Sorry that’s not very helpful, it really would be frustrating to have such limited access to materials from that region that are common here in the US.

I only know trotec in Europe, but I’m not sure which countries they ship to. I used to buy all my materials from them because during covid they were the most reliable as far as stock.

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