Website feature request

Had no idea what group to put this in, but since this seems to be the only category regularly watched by GF peeps, I figured I’d put it here. Not really looking for a response, just want you to consider it.
Since your GF store is chronically out of stock of EVERYTHING (Hyperbole and no shade intended), you should add a category to your SORT (or FILTER) feature. Instead of sorting by name or price, there should be an option to select IN STOCK, so that we can easily go to the shop, see what is available and not have to scroll through the ever long list of Out of Stock listings.
Also, is it possible to still show the prices, even on out of stock stuff? I know it isn’t that big of a deal, but I was trying to do some projects for my school and was wondering about a price point, but couldn’t recall how much I paid for a sheet of acrylic. I had no way to check quickly on the website, because all acrylic was out of stock with no prices listed. I did finally figure it out by digging through my purchase records, but that seemed like a much more circuitous route to find out. It may not seem like much, but spending 5 minutes finding out what I could have seen in seconds is way more significant than the 5 seconds I save in the Fast Lane.


This would be FABULOUS - of course, as even Amazon can’t seem to implement it, it may be harder on the code end that it would seem, but I’m so there for:
:ballot_box_with_check: Search In Stock Only


On a related note, why can’t you update in stock items once a day. When you get something in stock and tell us, we all rush here to stock up. Today, I found clear acrylic in stock, but nothing else new for me. So I ended up having to order a bunch of acrylic and even a few extras just to get over the $100 shipping margin and there was nothing else I wanted. Then, an hour after I ordered, I get another notice telling me draftboard is now in. I really didn’t want to buy $100 worth of draftboard, but fortunately, cherry ply was also available so I managed to even that out. Either way, I was forced to spend $200 when I really only needed about $125. And if I had bought less, I would have ended up paying more with shipping. And as it is, it will cost them more in shipping now because they are sending me 2 packages instead of 1.

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Thank you for the feedback and suggestions! We appreciate it as we are always looking to improve. I’ll make sure the team gets this note.