Wedding Coasters


Just got my Glowforge a week ago and immediately started thinking of things I can do for my wedding. Thought about things people can use at the wedding and then take away with them that is personalized. I used bitmoji to come up with the below coaster. It took a couple of tries to get it right but I’m very happy with the final product. These will be placed at each table setting.

We haven’t figured out centerpieces yet, if any of you have amazing ideas of what I can make with the glowforge for a beach wedding, please share! Can’t wait to keep printing.



Cute artwork! :grinning:

Lots and LOTS of ideas for wedding centerpieces, guest books, decor, cake toppers, wood invitations, etc. Just cruise through the Made on a Glowforge section.


Nice job! I like the three-toned look.


Nice Tuxes, Armani? Have fun!

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Great art! did you draw this? I love it. And congrats!

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You are off to a good start with this project. Congrats and good luck with the wedding.

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Those are cool. A glowforging idea, I was at a wedding where they had picture frames for the seating placements which you took home and then later they sent a photo from the wedding that you put into the frame.


Thanks! I’ll check these out.

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These were made using the bitmoji app! I had to do some editing.

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Nice! Centrepieces and such? Pineapples, palm trees and shellfish!

Beaches can get pretty windy. Depending on how informal the vibe, consider those small plastic buckets you used to take to the beach as a kid. Fill mostly with sand and stick in themed items you cut with the glowforge: palm trees, surf boards, a flamingo, a parrot, whatever. Color or paint the cutouts of course.

Good drawing and engrave.

@rubenborg Love the shading of colors that came out of it!
Was this all from the GF or did you apply a finish/stain to get the shades of brown etc?
If not, was it the material that provided the shades or your design style?
If design style, could you point me in the direction of where to see the settings used ?
(beyond the manual link etc.)
Keep up the great work!