Weeding proof grade leather

I am finally using my sample proof grade leather i got initially with the machine. I am making a bookmark, with a harry potter/griffindor motif. but in the smaller areas i am having trouble weeding the paper off and it is affecting the graphics. any other way? Tried duct tape (new roll) and that had a minimal effect. anything else? alcohol? Does the paper become harder to remove the older it is? I pulled the old paper off before re-engraving and put on my own new. ill see if that works better.

Another question i had, was on sd graphics it is higher power and higher speed. but on HD graphics it is much lowerpower and speed and did not even seem to break thru the paper. how comes?

It’s been a while, but I remember that people just recommended losing the masking before putting it in the printer.


now you tell me. i didn’t see that anywhere, but probably missed it.

That stuff is incredibly hard to remove even without any engrave cuts in it. Plus the longer it has been on the more of a chance the adhesive has tried to set.
I use a medium tack paper on everything. Wood, plastic, leather. Plus I mask on demand ever since some stuff I had masked for over year seemed to have actually glued to the wood. (shame on me for having a resource laser ready just sitting around).

Actually two problem areas in my opinion.
Remove any clear factory coverings on acrylic (tends to melt into goo at certain engrave settings) and also the PG leather, then replace it with medium tack masking when ready to use it.

Several selections with the 12 inch, perfect for wood sized for a glowforge…


Wouldn’t you know it? Out of stock and they have no ETA.

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I order mine from signwarehouse.com. Go with the perfect tear medium tack. They were out of 12 in x 100 yds when I ordered a few days ago, so I went with the 10.5 inch wide stuff, since that’s about all the area I can cut in the bed at the time anyways.