Week 1: Bring on the science!

It was a slow first week due to Passover and a stomach bug, but I’m very impressed with this piece of machinery! In a past life, I had an Etsy shop with science-inspired letterpress prints. I’m working through some of my old designs re-done with the laser and making some new stuff. Hoping to have the Etsy shop back up and running within a few more weeks.

First up after the obligatory ruler was some lasered matzoh:

Now comes the science! We got together like cytosine and guanine :heart: (those are two of the four bases in DNA).

A karyotype (chromosome set) for a geneticist friend pregnant with a girl (hence the XX chromosomes being emphasized).

This little test tube desk toy for a friend’s birthday, also available in Free Laser Designs.

In the non-science realm, today was our nanny’s one year anniversary, so I whipped this up as a gift from the kiddo. It looks awesome engraved and scored from the back!

Finally, a few gifts for a friend. A knitting necklace plus Sharpie for color, and her massage therapy practice logo on a keychain (with a QR code on the back to her website in case she ever doesn’t have a card).

I’m looking forward to digging in more! I love how much drag-and-drop there is with this machine, and how the Proofgrade just works.


Coolness abounds! (And I really like the little knitting necklace too!) :grinning:


Love all of them, but the chromosome plate gift and the keychain were my favorite!


Those are all really awesome and beautiful! Great work!


Some amazing designs here! You’ve really got geek flair.


Very nice projects! The test tube project will certainly be appreciated!


Fun stuff! Adding your friend’s QR code to the keychain is clever.


A wide variety of projects … Thank you for posting … They look great!