Week 6, No Shipping Info

On November 3rd I received my Golden Email. I responded that same day. Within a couple of weeks I received my Proofgrade materials. Based upon the Golden Email date, the 15th of December should mark the end of the 6 week time frame for delivery.

I’ve posted about the lack of shipping info for my glowforge previously, when it appeared that many others who had received the Golden Email at the same time, or after, myself were receiving their units. @Dan responded and informed me, and several other Pro owners, that Basics were being primarily produced due to availability of parts and that we should still expect to receive our units within the 6 week window. In another topic, those of us with Pro units in this situation were told to sit tight and inform support@glowforge.com if we entered into week 6 without shipping info.

Thursday, Dec 7, marked the end of Week 5 for me, and I had not yet heard anything regarding shipping (either from GF or from UPS MyChoice). As expected, I received the auto-reply email telling me that I may not hear back from GF for up to three days. Today is Sunday, Dec 10, and, depending on the interpretation of “days,” whether or not that means “work days” or “week days” or simply “calendar days,” it has been roughly 3 days since that email and I have yet to receive a reply.

Ordinarily, after more than two years waiting, I would simply sit patiently - whats another couple of weeks? However, if the 6 week window is missed by more than about 24 hours, there will be major logistical issues that will probably result in the unit not being delivered until, at the very least, the beginning of January.

I am posting here because, anecdotally, it seems that responses/attention to issues progress significantly quicker here - as opposed to via email, and it is important that I get some visibility on this issue quick enough to make the necessary arrangements for whatever situation is present.

I would, preferably, like shipping info to be sent and shipping to be guaranteed by Friday, 15 Dec. I understand this may not be possible, in which case I need to communicate with someone who can control the shipping of the unit so that alternate arrangements can be made to receive it.


I likewise received my golden email on Nov. 3rd responded right away, got my proofgrade and then nothing. And whats a little upsetting is just before we got our emails the turnaround time was about 3 weeks for folks here on the forum and then things screeched to a halt on Pro units.

My understanding of the auto reply email was if we were asking about a shipping question the wait for a response could be longer than the 3 days.

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Here is hoping they will figure things out quickly

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I also find myself in the November 3 Golden email crew who have not received their shipment. Just have the Proofgrade materials, nothing else. I would very much like to hear!

October 30 golden email for me, responded within an hour that I would like the forge now. No glowforge packages or shipping notices yet. Getting anxious…

I myself never received the email and my date went from Dec. 14 to Dec. 21 now and still NO emails at all. :frowning: What was the email address you guys got your from. I have reported the email problems a lot and I don’t want to miss my spot.

I’m starting week 3 of my wait with no shipping information.

UGH. So sorry to hear about the delays. I hope that they catch up on Pro units now that they’ve pushed out so many Basics due to the surplus parts.

For the knowledge of Glowforge and others following this topic who are in similar situations.

Last night my Glowforge Pro, ordered on 28 Oct 2015 (Day 28) with a Golden Email of 03 Nov, arrived at my home. The box was in good condition, with only a single handle lock missing.

I received no shipping info or UPS MyChoice notifications prior to the arrival of my Glowforge, and it was only by luck that my wife happened to be home when the UPS delivery occurred. I live in Houston, Texas, which means the shipment had to have been traveling for, at a bare minimum, a couple of days. I never received a reply from my email to support dated 7 Dec, or to this forum topic.

While I am very happy to have my Glowforge, and can close this particular ticket, I must express that the communication with the Glowforge team has been woefully insufficient, both in terms of responding to support tickets (currently well in excess of the 3 day window) and in terms of shipping communication (still no shipping info). I hope that this feedback helps the company to identify what deficiencies may exist.


Glad you got it and that someone was home to sign for it!

I know shipping notifications from Glowforge (triggered by someone at the factory I think) are very much lacking… I received my shipping notification the day after the GF was to be delivered the first time.

UPS is another mess all-together, but I’m quite surprised that MyChoice never showed the shipment. That seems to get populated as soon as the shipping label to a particular address is generated.

I got my forge today also and was never notified at all by ups. Glowforge sent me an email last night with a tracking number and I am so glad they did or I might have missed it, but nothing from ups even though I have a lot of other Amazon and other boxes being delivered. I mentioned it to my driver and low and behold my first notice about my forge delivery came 10 min. later saying that it had been delivered. Thank You UPS.


I’m glad that you got your Glowforge Colleen! You’ll really love it. Is it in good condition?

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Thanks yes it came with all 4 handles in place and the box only had a couple of dings. Inside perfect. And the 2 UPS guys on the truck brought it in for me. Very happy.


I’m so sorry that you didn’t receive your notification that your Glowforge had shipped. We recently found a problem with the system responsible for sending those emails that stopped your notification from being sent.

We’re thrilled to hear that it arrived safely and that you’re up and printing.