Weekend Support?

My GF Pro has had some issues since delivery day (all of the fans are not running) and it is just doa now. I have been playing the email game with customer service (try this, try that, send pictures of this and that) for the last 3 weeks, but I haven’t heard from them since Thursday and I’m wondering if they provide customer service on the weekends?

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I have seen them post here in Problems and Support occasionally on weekends, but I don’t know whether they have official weekend hours or have really overzealous staff who just can’t wait til Monday to help people. :wink:

One thing to know for future issues is that posting in P&S opens a new support ticket, and having multiples can slow things down as they have to search and try to match things up, so it’s usually best to pick one method and stick with it. :slight_smile: The advantage of posting here rather than using email is that there are a lot of helpful folks on the forum, and sometimes we can help you find the problem before the staff work their way down to your ticket. (And we “work” on weekends!) So, since you’re here anyway, you could tell us what’s going on and what you’ve already tried, and worst case, you’ll have sympathetic ears to help you get through the waiting!


Thank you so much for the reply! My unit does not vent the fumes/dust/whatevers out and has not since it arrived. It doesn’t matter how it is hooked up to vent, We have tried the filter, without the filter really close to the window and even moving the unit so that the vent was straight. We have deep cleaned all the fans and the unit exactly as we were instructed to, but now we’re getting the Air Assist Fan error. So, now it doesn’t do anything at all. I don’t know how to post a snapshot, but just imagine as if there was a ZZ Top concert in your dining room. That’s how smoky it is. :mask:


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Doesn’t sound promising, I’m afraid to say there’s not much you can do. Support will have to jump in - and it’s not usual to hear from them on weekends, but not out of the question.

Super basic question, but you didn’t mention it, so I figured I’d ask…do you have the filter option turned on in the Glowforge app screen?

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Yes, I do have it on, We even tried turning it on and off for kicks. I’m not afraid of any question at this point. Throw an idea out there and I;m willing to try it!

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Is tossing the smoke outside a possibility? A window? a dryer vent? If you are running the filter without connected to the Glowforge can you feel it pull the air through?

Can you try with the filter option off (this should kick in the exhaust fan in the Glowforge)?

If you open the filter can the air get through (as in not wrapped etc)

By running the Glowforge a low speed and one power you won’t smoke up the room experimenting.

The message to everything you asked is above. The internal fans were not turning. Now that I receive the Air Assist error I cannot try the change speeds option. It just errors out at the beginning and does nothing.

Now you need to stop trying to use it and wait to hear from support.
(Sorry, they’ll need to look at the logs. We’re not going to be able to help.)

We have replied to your email about this and will continue to work on your next steps there, so I’m going to close this thread.