Weekly Highlights for the Week Ending April 1st, 2007



Who doesn’t like a riddle?


Very Zen! I like it!


Notice the Date?


Ha. This is the end of the week and it’s blank. But I did bring the JPG into the GFUI just in case there is some secret hidden design. Crickets. Just preparing the design for 4 minutes and still not done.


Meanwhile…at Glowforge headquarters…panic ensues!

“We’ve got a file over here that is hung up, crashing the system!!!”

“Quick - get me the latest code…we’ve got to find this and fix it!”

“OMG! Another six month delay!”

“Gaaaaahhhhhhhh!” “Quick, where’s @dan? We’ve got to throw him out there to distract them!”


You broke the Internet?


You really have a mean side and I LIKE it. :laughing:


Ok, just peed a little.


We need to go easy on Dan. He is starting to remind me of the President’s pictures Before and after…


He can take it. (The man drinks civet coffee.) :wink: