Weeping Angel...Non-laser creativity


While I wait for my GF, I thought I’d share some of the other creative things my wife and I have made.
This is a Weeping Angel from Dr. Who. She’s made of fiberglass, foam, monster-mud, and other stuff. I have pictures of the build of anyone is interested


By now you must be really good at not blinking!


One eye at a time…


Wow! That is some sculpting work! (And I wanna go to your place for Trick-or-Treating this year.) :grinning:


…someone is interested. Had never heard of monster mud 'till now. Thanks for that!




This one (without wings) just about looks like Sally from TNBC, crying into her hands.

The one with the wings looks like a weeping angel from Dr. Who :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


WOW! That’s amazing!!!


That’s awesome! I’m scared to blink and I’m just looking at a picture of it.


I was hoping to use my glowforge to make Halloween decorations. And Christmas gift too.


That is super. Every time I see a post like this I inch closer to beginning the prop-making hobby, which I have been thinking about for years. (My ultimate goal is a full-sized Stargate, but I suspect I may have to settle for a mostly-buried one instead. :slight_smile:)

TIL about Monster Mud, cool: http://www.madcityhaunt.com/blog/guide/what-is-monster-mud/


A half buried Stargate is half the cost!

I built a half buried TARDIS (using my daughter bed for parts), from the episode “The Rebel Flesh”.


Pictures a half-buried Tardis coming out of the floor of her library…:star_struck:


Ooh! Nice! This triggered an idea for my next kegerator build. Pouring beer from a partially buried TARDIS would be amazing.


Brilliant! I love the short cuts! The finished product is amazing, nice job!