Weimaraner Cork


I jumped on the bandwagon to finally test some cork. These are IKEA trivets and I used information from the other cork posts as my baseline. I wanted to try a few different options, including a couple of halftone options, a PNG engrave, and a compass rose logo. The stand is from something else, an is just used to snap a few pics.

Maximus!: Engrave S-1000 P-25 LPI 340

Standard halftone dots

Dora: Engrave S-1000 P-22 LPI 340

Tried to use the letters of Dora’s name as the halftone on this one.

Dora & Maximus!: Engrave S-1000 P-25 LPI 340

Compass Rose: Engrave S-1000 P-25 LPI 340 / Score S-500 P-25

Happy with the results of the cork testing.


Great results! The pups look particularly good. :grinning:


Wow! Really interesting halftones.


The halftones are nice, love the Mandela!


Personalised wine corks, anyone ?


They turned out really great!