Welcome "DontLazeMeBro" to the family!

So we received our :glowforge: last Friday!

…and we basically got nothing done around the house all weekend because we were just non-stop lasering. :slight_smile:

We did run into a little scare when taking our :glowforge: out of the box, we noticed there was a liquid type substance dripping down the front of the unit, and into the box. So I immediately inspected inside the :glowforge: to see if anything was broken or leaking and found nothing. Upon further investigation I noticed that this liquid could not have come from anywhere inside the :glowforge: so I chocked it up to minor spillage during the mfg process.

After that nerve wracking ten minutes we went on to put the :glowforge: in its rightful place which has literally been in my office reserved specifically for the :glowforge: for almost 2 years. :slight_smile:

Of course the first thing we cut was the founders ruler! :smiley:
after this was done i checked against a pretty precise metal ruler I have and it was dead on accurate. Good Job @Dan and team!

Next The girls were chomping at the bit to cut something of their own, so I thought it was as good a time as any to test the ol’ trace functionality. Turned out awesome! And it was super easy to use.

After that there was no stopping us! We just kept on going! :smiley:

Had to do a picture frame!

Carpenters clamps (neat little tools!)

Wood Engraving (turned out amazing!)

Wonder Woman Shield:

My most recent tests have been on card stock because I think my first real full project is going to be a custom lighted shadow box made completely on the :glowforge:, I will let you guys know how this project turns out.

Over all my family is completely satisfied and I cannot get over how amazing this thing is to have in our home!

<3<3<3<3 We Love You :glowforge: Team! <3<3<3<3


Love the Wonder Woman shield, your daughters would have been stoked!


Awesome! Looks like you hit the ground running! All great projects_! (My favorites though are the hand drawn artwork.)_ :sunglasses::+1:



One call out on the new packaging is the box looked like it was in much better shape than other photos I’ve seen here. However, when our box showed up, it only had one of the plastic handles (other three were missing) so I could almost just lift the whole top off.

Just letting you know… Our :glowforge: made the trek unscathed.


Yes they were very happy about it. :slight_smile:


I let them know you liked their artwork the best they will get a kick out of that!


I did too! It’s wonderful. Would be great to back it with magnets, so that you can stick them on the fridge :slight_smile:


Magnificent! Thank you for the packaging feedback - we’re working on improving the handles based on customer feedback.


:heart::heart::heart: What fun! The hand drawn figures are adorable!! Pretty sweet shield too :smile:

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ya 2 of my 4 where missing as well for handles, most my tape was compromised as well couple dings in the box


All the projects look great! I love that your girls are so involved in making things too!
The WW shield is super - I may be making a similar one (perhaps with a little foil bling).
Looking forward to seeing pics of your upcoming projects.


A well spent weekend!!! Some excellent projects!


Oh it’s such a wonderful thing, isn’t it?! You’ve really jumped right in!
BTW, I love that you have Mission Control there with… what… 4 monitors side-by-side?

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That photo engrave wow.:star_struck:

How big is it and what was your process?


Great projects to get started with! Good for you!

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Congrats! Looks like everyone got in on the action. That’s fantastic. What are those little carpenter’s clamps? How do you use them? I’m not familiar. Oh, and I chuckled when I saw that your new Glowforge was sitting on a baby changing table, like it was a newborn. ha ha


Now that hitting the ground running! Can’t wait to see how your shadow box turns out.

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what… 4 monitors side-by-side?

No just three :slight_smile: I’ll post a picture of my whole office when I get home later.

How big is it and what was your process?

I’m going to be straight with you, I didn’t make it a defined size I just resized it to something I liked within the GFUI. Its about 6x7 or 6x8…

As far as process goes, this is why I think the :glowforge: is so great. I literally puled it into photoshop, made it black and white, increased the contrast and lowered the brightness just a tad, then sharpened the crap out of it. The glowforge just took it and ran with it.

I did another engraving afterwards by just making the photo black and white and it looked really good as well, so there isn’t much you have to do at all.

What are those little carpenter’s clamps?

Those are kind of neat, i used them to clamp together the picture frame during glue up, you basically just slide them over two or more pieces and the taper holds the pieces tight together like a clamp.

Glowforge was sitting on a baby changing table

It is actually a media center I purchased for my guest room that I re-purposed. I thought the white would go well with the :glowforge:. I was right :wink:

As a side note, that would be a really big baby changing table… :slight_smile:

Can’t wait to see how your shadow box turns out.

Thanks! Ill make sure I post my results!


Great first projects, Congrats!


You don’t have to make the photo black and white either. I experimented with one last night and left it color, turned out great!