Welcome Foolish Mortals


Big Disney fan here. I had to have a sign for the Trick or Treaters. Inspired by the Haunted Mansion welcome plaque. It’s on a medium black acrylic base with medium orange acrylic lettering and graphics. I found it was easiest to line stuff up by doing a standard engrave for the letters. I added a tiny offset to the letters to make sure they dropped in OK. I’m a mess with glue, so I actually applied some 3M double sided adhesive to the back of the orange acrylic before I cut it. I got that on Amazon and it looks like the stuff on the Proofgrade veneer. A little pricy, but not smudging the acrylic up and saving my sanity is worth it.

It’s now stuck on my door using 3M Command picture hangers (and no I do not have an affiliate relationship with 3M, it just happens that both worked for this project). :grin:
I hope at least some of the Trick or Treaters recognize it as being from Disney.

Maybe a bigger, fancier one next year, with bronze lettering and graphics. I used what I had this year.


Well executed.


Very nicely done! That’s fantastic!!:heart_eyes:


Excellent! (I might have to resort to the tape trick too - me and solvent glue still do not get along. :grinning:


Amazing! And I really like that tip about the 3M adhesive. My acrylic gluing is pretty crappy.


Great job, Bill! I really like how ‘finished’ it looks.


Thanks, you should the glue mess on the first version. I also had the graphic matched exactly to the photo, Many unconnected pieces. I went and edited it to connect them and it was MUCH easier to put together.


It really works well. I am pretty stingy when using it. I nest everything really tightly and draw a box in a different color around the items that need adhesive. Cut the box out and lift that piece out. Then peel the backing off, apply the a piece of adhesive and place it back in the cut out. Then cut the fiddle bits. It saves adhesive and I don’t pull off too much of the masking on the rest of the acrylic. It takes a few extra steps and time, but I’m frugal. You should see my scrap bins. :grin::jack_o_lantern:


I LOVE the sign. It came out great.

Also, happy cake day!


Great work! I love the flourish design in the middle. I agree about the 3M tape, it really is a lifesaver and I use it on lost my acrylic work now. It’s so much cleaner!


We are twin souls. I too am frugal, and I’ll bet your scrap bins look a lot like mine (literally, I save bits only 1/2" wide).


Nice write up. I like the use of the double sided tape to make it easy to apply.


Thanks, I didn’t even notice the cake tag until now.


That looks very crisp and professsional and very fancy.


Wow! This is fabulous! Talk about setting the mood for Halloween!!


Love it!