Welding acrylic layers test--fun results

So I finally got my #4 acrylic weld, and so able to proceed with the trial of this idea for a fun key chain fob–3 layers, center layer with hole and smaller shape fits loosely in there and can “float”.

I cut the outer layers from PG medium clear, and the center I used some opaque black (not PG, but about same thickness as PG). I had cut the white skull out last week of some non PG white. Looked cool all stacked, BUT the white was just a tiny bit thinner than the white, so the skull didn’t move freely. So I used some translucent “smoke” (non PG, but using thick black PG setting worked fine).

And I like this smokier look–and even clear center may be great option as then you only see the central object “floating” in midair–especially good for spookier designs!

But I learned I should leave the outer most side masking on until done welding, as apparently I got some of the weld liquid on my fingers, and thus there’s some residue (hardly visible) on the surface. And that I need more sheets of clear “medium”!

It’s not a perfect job, but not bad for my first try. And I managed to NOT glue the skull, so it does move around.


Picture looks great! Are you happy with the result in the real world?

I’ve only used it once on clear acrylic, welding it to black, and I wasn’t at all happy. Maybe it was my application but it left obvious spots where I’d used the weld.

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Well, for my first try, yes, and though I’m usually very particular with what I want to sell, any defects don’t seem too noticeable. And it might be a benefit of the translucent vs. opaque that the bubbles that are there may be less noticeable, or may consistent enough that it’s a design feature :wink: (shoppers usually don’t know what it’s supposed to look like or compare all against each other)… Though I’m sure there will be some that come out worse & I won’t have 100% yield making these…


Very cool!


Thanks for doing the experiment! Love the key fob.


Nice test. Still need to explore gluing acrylic. I glued pink fluorescent onto wood with a super glue gel. Looked a bit blotchy.

After using rubber/leather cement for some functional only joints (weren’t going to be visible), I did a bit of research for what was best option for optical clarity–there are a few different brands specific for “welding” acrylic, #4 is very watery, and relies on capillary action & trick is applying to the edge of the joint with right speed (only use tiny amounts of it), and is seems to be the go-to product. Saw a video of a brand that uses a primer and then the watery “weld” chemical applied & great result–but it’s German, so not sure if we could even get it here…


CA adhesive attacks acrylic (and many other plastics) and causes “crazing” on the surfaces, definitely not recommended unless appearance is of no concern.