Welding Glass To Metal

So, this is a real thing.

From jewelry to autos and everything else, a very big deal.


Wow, pretty groundbreaking and cool!


Wow. I wouldn’t have expected that!


Pico-second pulses…
Welding such dissimilar materials is amazing.


Wow! Welded glass to metal! I wonder if enamelists have ever heard of this? Knowing the problems they have had I know that the coefficient of expansion of the glass needs to match the metal, or like enameling on copper or silver, the metal has to give enough that the glass does not just chip off.

To have really dissimilar coefficient of expansions there does need to be some method of allowing for the different scaling in the expected temperature range. I would think that both size and temp would be very limiting factors. I am wondering if a micron-thin material might do an even better job as there would be a tiny column of a softer metal (perhaps gold?) that would give to each side without letting go.

Gotta love “a picosecond to a second is like a second compared to 30,000 years” in case anyone was thinking “can I do this at home?”


I saw this the other day at work. It’s crazy stuff! There is actually a company that make a laser to weld glass together, but that is for hermetically sealed electronic packages. Also uses a pico-second laser.

Now I need to convince them we need to get one of these!


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