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So as some of you may know from my post in the problems and support section on Wednesday, my GF Plus was wonky straight out of the box. After lots of great help and suggestions from the community, GF support finally weighed in Thursday afternoon and declared my GF FUBAR. They sent me an e-mail offering a refurb that would arrive in about 10 days or a new unit that will take a month. (Sad face). I opted for the new unit. Well, I responded that I wanted a new unit but it’s been radio silence from support since Thursday afternoon so at this point I’m not 100% sure what’s going on. So now I have a huge box in the middle of my living room floor waiting for a return shipping label (that I’m not certain is even coming at this point). I’m trying to entertain myself in the mean time by designing a very short, very straight inline fan setup in anticipation of that glorious day at some currently indeterminable point in the future when I may have a functional GF.


Bummer:(. Ten days is a long time, I’d prompt them with an email to be sure you didn’t fall through any cracks.


and if you don’t get a response a post in problems and support to make sure spam filters aren’t the issue might be a good idea too.

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I just responded to their e-mail again, but I don’t know that they respond on weekends. Hopefully Monday.

Woa. Big bummer.

They’ll make it right, but the communication about returns and such will be fits and starts.

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Yeah, unfortunately that seems to be the status quo these days. I’m old enough to remember those halcyon days before e-mail and convoluted auto-attendants where product support was a phone number (listed in the back of a nice printed manual) that connected you right to a human being that could (hopefully) address your issue. Now it’s frequently only an e-mail address that might take 2 or 3 days between responses (big companies and small). It’s unfortunate, because as products continue to become more and more complex and sophisticated, after the sale support is becoming more and more critical, but it’s actually headed in the other direction. This is odd because the quality of customer service is such a large part of a companies reputation. You’d think that any business would have a plan in place right from day-one to ensure that customer service scaled up with sales so that it wouldn’t matter if they sold 1 widget or 5 million, the support experience would be just as good for customer 5 million as it was for the first sale. Instead, the support planning philosophy seems to be “how few resources can we devote to this and not lose market share due to bad press”. I guess the main issue is that payroll is usually the biggest expense a company has, and support personal don’t really contribute directly or even indirectly to revenue generation. They’re just a big minus sign on the books. Of course, I’m an IT guy, not a businessman, so I could be wrong about all of this. :grin:

In my experience, they won’t respond on the weekends, and as they ship with FedEx, your return label would probably be generated on a weekday. If you’ve been waiting since this last Thursday, you’re still within they’re quoted three business day tornados time for responses, but they’ve been definitely been overwhelmed over the last few months. There have been several of us who have not received a response for well over a week, but again, in my experience, once they initiate communication, you should start to get a response after a business day or two.

Sorry about your machine, I’ve had a ton of bad luck with mine, including having had one bad on arrival like yours. It’s a real bummer expecting something great, only to have it not work. One thing is sure, when they do send you a replacement that works, the machine is actually a really fun piece of hardware, and I’m sure you’ll love having it.

Engineer me says always go for refurb. Electronic equipment is statistically MUCH more likely to fail in its first 6 months of life than any other time within its expected lifespan. With refurbished you have a higher chance of not having to deal with more issues. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


Do they replace the laser tube in all refurb units? They say the laser tube life expectancy is about 2 years. I’d hate to get a refurb with a tube that only has a year of use left on it.

I don’t think so; pretty sure they send you a comparable unit to your own, though.

Good to go. Just got return shipping info and an order confirmation for replacement unit.


Hmmmm. I just got a shipping notification. Support said it would be 10 days for a refurb or 4 weeks for a new one. I asked for a new one. It’s only been 4 days…

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My replacement GF, is, in fact, a new one, not a refurb, and works great! I’m off to the races! I wish I could afford to take a week off from work to play with it :wink:


Thanks for reporting back in! It always helps to know. :slightly_smiling_face:
You’re off and running - now enjoy your new toy and prized possession!


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