Well! Summers here! (For most of the US)

With the holiday weekend. For most of us Summer kicks off (at least here in the south)

Any fun summer projects/plans on the horizon?


We have a very busy summer planned this year, which is unusual for us.

I have two camps where I am volunteering as a counselor (youth camp and kids camp). We are actually taking a family vacation this year (first time in a long time). And my wife and I are going on a missions trip to Togo, Africa (first time leaving the continent).



Enjoy. I grew up in Africa. My daughter will be in Southern Morocco for most of June, leaves Wednesday - supporting operation African Lion, Eighteen nations and approximately 8,000 personnel. U.S. Africa Command’s largest annual combined, joint exercise that will take place in multiple countries.

As a combat medic, they actually do their regular job, treating personnel who become injured or ill while on exercises.


Sadly it’s still third winter here in Seattle.



Here in Colorado, I’ve shoveled snow with a sunburn acquired the day before. With the Rockies in the back yard it’s pretty easy. Got a week off for the 4th, just don’t know what to do with it yet. We don’t mind being spontaneous. No plans to go sideways that way.


:rofl: :sweat_smile: :joy:


Just waiting for a good time to pack my winter coat…summer in southern California seems to be taking its time this year to come around.


On an all day ride to a camp site up in the Medicine Bow range in WY, we were sweating when we left the ranch, and had rain, thunder & lightning, hail then snow throughout the day.

(That’s the only time I’ve ever been thrown from a horse, although to be fair, I chose to bail on him into the rocks as I sensed my mustang was going to keep running over a cliff. I was holding on pretty well until then…)


Haha! That paints quite a picture!

Oh, it gets better. After setting up tents in the snow many, many miles away from civilization, we had to listen to something plodding around the campsite all night, and froze our touches off, then awoke at first light to find the horses had escaped and, as it turned out, made their way back to the ranch.

(This is where I bailed, he was headed for the cliff on the left…)

Oh, yeah - this was in August!!!


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