Went total D&D geek

In my most recent game of D&D, I acquired the Amulet of Proof against Detection and Location. The guys I play with enjoy all the goodies I create to make the game interesting …lol
I couldn’t resist making my version of the amulet. Can’t wait to wear it this Saturday!
The jewel part was from a sample pack I received from Acrilex called minerals. It’s thin mica layered within clear acrylic. Took several passes to cut, but finally cut through… The outer frame is 1/16" mirrored acrylic that I roughened with sand paper to resemble brushed silver. Went with silver for the engrave fill for contrast. I tried using black but it seaped into the layers mucking it up.


Your stuff makes me wish I had someone to play this with. I’ve never had any friends that are interested in D&D.


Yeah, same here. My brother was seriously into it though - his buddies used to come over for the food and festivities and spend the whole holiday playing D&D in the game room upstairs. (We had half a dozen extra mouths to feed every holiday.) :smile:

That looks maahhhhhvelous! :wink:


Don’t know a thing about D&D, but I love the amulet you made. Reminds me of a glowrious looking piece of tortoise shell acrylic that I think I got from Inventables long ago. I’ve never done anything with it…am saving it for just the right thing.


I bet a Skype game would go over well…
Who’s in??? Lol


First of all, that’s a kickass amulet.

There is a whole online D&D interface called Roll20.


It’s a bit complicated but it does a lot.

Also there are solo (or duo) adventures you can play. It’s not quite the same as a full D&D game, but I happened to play this last night with my GF, and we had a lot of fun. We both nearly died a couple of times but got out of it by the skin of our teeth. They play a bit like a pretty advanced form of choose your own adventure books, with D&D rules underpinning the bulk of it. It was about a 2-hour adventure.

All you need to get to play this is a copy of the 5e players handbook. There’s a cyber monday sale at dnd beyond today for the books in digital form… $19.99 gets you any sourcebook you like.


Go forth and adventure!


Your amulet looks fantastic! That cool material for the center is amazing stuff, and whoever thought you could make mirrored acrylic look like brushed metal? Well done!


Nice job!


I would be in! I play each week using Roll20 and discord, works pretty well.

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That Glowforge/girlfriend abbreviation confusion thing makes for interesting mental images when I’m undercaffeinated. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


What an amazing piece! I’d be excited, too! The Glowforge projects always make me a little giddy!


That’s awesome and I’m geeking out on the mica acrylic! I wish the Acrilex site was a bit more user friendly. It took me forever to navigate to the right stuff. They have some great acrylics though!

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