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Greg Coaster converted to curves.pdf (1.6 MB)

For the life of me I’m unable to get this design to upload. it’s small and relatively simple. Note sure why I can’t get it to upload. It was created in Coreldraw, saved as a PDF. Using Safari, i’ve also tried in Chrome. No luck.
Just as a sanity check I’ve rendered some far more complex projects that i’ve done in the past and they work, just something seems to be hanging up this design.

It’s got a clipping path in it, and it’s got about 111,411 nodes. Those grungy looking fonts are terrible for adding too many nodes to a project.

Removed the clipping path, simplified the nodes a bit, and rasterized the graphic, which really speeds up the processing, and the file below loads in just a minute or so.

coaster.zip (72.3 KB)


Be right back!

hmm do you happen to know how I remove a clipping path in coreldraw?

No, unfortuantely, I’m not a CD person. We’ve got a couple here though who can probably help though when they see it. :neutral_face:


Would you be so kind to try and work your magic from your side with this file?

Which file? I did remove the clipping path in AI on the first one you loaded…did you have another one.


Hmm seems like my master file isn’t uploading

You need to zip it first or Discourse has it’s wicked way with it. :smile:

Banff coaster SVG.svg.zip (1.0 MB)

Excellent news is that single file you worked your voodoo on uploaded no problem. Jules my friend they should rename this forum after your in honour of your epic assistance to us all!
I think I was able to get my master file zipped and uploaded.


Don’t thank me yet…I’m running into some issues with the master file. :smile:

First I’m getting a font substitution - I don’ t have the same fonts loaded on my computer. Also did you mean for the border areas to be this large?

If not, the file might be corrupted. I’m going to wait to process it until I make sure that’s what you want.

And if one file barely loaded due to excess node count, you’re going to have a tough time trying to get ten of them into one job, even with the text reduced. I might need to rasterize the whole shebang.

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Here’s how you can do it in Corel, and you might need to be the one to do it, since I don’t have the fonts installed…

First lock and hide all of your cut lines. (Anything with a red stroke color.)

Then select everything that isn’t hidden, making sure it looks exactly like you want it to look and convert it into a raster image. (Click on Bitmaps > Convert to Bitmap.)

Then unhide your cutlines. That should take care of it.


Yeah the whole file at once might be a stretch. I’ll go back in and convert all those fonts to curves to eliminate at least one problem. Perhaps I’ll break it into 2 sets of 5 while I’m at it.

Archive.zip (5.5 MB)

I’m going to try it on my side in corel, thanks for the extra details, i’ve attached a converted to curves svg version just in case.

Thanks again!

Did you want that black stroke to be 69 points wide?

Whew! Okay those turned out to be a little more complex than i expected. I had to rasterize each coaster individually at a low resolution…there are an awful lot of nodes in there.

Anyway, i got the first one done and it all loads in offline mode. No idea how long it will take to print, but with the individual rasters, you can take it in steps if you have to.

Awesome. I’m still mucking with Corel to get a like result but no such luck so far

Okay, put them both into one zip file…here you go:

5 COASTER FILES revised.zip (775.5 KB)