We're sorry - so am I [Resolved]

Sent in a report.

We’re sorry, an unexpected error has occurred.

Received this error when trying to load the enclosed file at 11:15 am EST on 3/5/2018 with a fresh sheet of Thick Proofgrade Draftboard.

Turned unit off, centered lid camera and powered back up. Same results.

Been cutting and engraving all morning with medium Maple pw before inserting the Draftboard.Pen Tray.svg.zip (2.2 KB)

Had you been cutting with the same file or was it a new file?

It’s a new file.
Had to edit my post. Forgot the file.

In your file I found a layer at the very bottom called “namedview7576”. It didn’t seem to have anything in it, so I deleted it. Once I did that the file loaded fine.

I opened the SVG in Inkscape, Ungrouped everything (there’s a group within another group) then converted the Rectangle objects to paths, then the file loaded into the GFUI.

Couldn’t find the layer “namedview7576” but did ungroup and converted and everything is working.

Which leads to the question — are you using Inkscape? (and saving as an Inkscape SVG or plain SVG?)

The file looks like it was exported by Illustrator but originally developed in Inkscape. I believe the namedview is a function of an Inkscape SVG. The tell-tale of that is SodiPodi - which was the origins/predecessor of Inkscape. Some of the stuff that it creates isn’t really SVG-compliant, which is where some problems come from.

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Yes that was an Inkscape file from inception to completion. Saved as a .svg - Inkscape file

Interesting. I wonder where the Illustrator export information came from!

Either way, I would definitely save everything going forward as a Plain SVG from Inkscape.

As in filename.svg - Inkscape ?

I’m not at a computer to screenshot it. Maybe one of the Inkscape users here can screenshot it real quick. Yo should be able to select between Inkscape SVG or Plain SVG in the Save As dialog box.

BTW: now that it has been mentioned… Is there a way to set the default to plain SVG vs. Inkscape SVG? Tried to find a preference for that a few months ago and was unsuccessful. I often forget to select the correct one.

Pardon me for being thick, but should the saved file be “filename.svg” or “file name. svg - Inkscape” ?


I’m glad you resolved it! Thank you @cynd11 for finding that. I’m going to close this thread - if the problem reoccurs, go ahead and post a new topic. Thanks for letting us know about this.