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So I got the We’re sorry, an error occurred…message twice today. Sam job, no changes. The first time, I waited an hour or so and then sent the job again. Just got the error again so will wait and try again. I THINK that this may be related to the cloud server being busy, if so, it needs to get fixed.



That message can also be caused by loading a bad file. Try loading a different file.

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@jules, It was the same file that had been printed 4 times previously without leaving the GFUI. I deleted it and started over.

Huh! That is odd.

I got that message when something was loading, and I tried to dump another file in there, too. Like, maybe it could perform multiple tasks at once. Turns out it can’t :blush: I wonder if I can work on another design inn the gfui while one is cutting. Hrmmm…

Back to the discussion, though, I think we need more error messages. Or more specific error messages, rather.

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Yes, you can set up the next job, up to but not including click that print button, whilst a job is in progress. You will lose the preview of the job in process, but it will work.


Thank you! I’ve been wanting to try it, but didn’t want to cause a revolt.

Thanks for letting us know about this, @n6mon. Do you know the time (including time zone) when this happened on 1/24 so we can investigate for you?

Don’t worry about it. I recreated the job and it worked.

Great! I’m glad to hear it worked out.