West Coast fire folks- you have a huge air filter

If you’re looking outside and seeing the smoke everywhere, and you happen to have a Glowforge filter or the other one, break that puppy out and crank it up, these things move tons of air and they are specially designed for removing smoke and burnt chemicals! I only run it for about 10-15 minutes at a time so it doesn’t overheat, plus it moves so much air it really shouldn’t need more than that. Anyway, hope you all are well and safe! Thought I’d share before I forgot again


It is designed to run for hours at a time, and they recommend running it for as long as the cut took to keep it from filling too fast. Given the speed they fill up. and expense for replacement filters I would think twice about it if avoidable. It is just what the Blu-Dri was built for however and more than twice the air volume.

i guess you would want to change the hose routing other wise you are just sending the clean air outside.

The air filter doesn’t use an exhaust hose. It vents filtered air out the bottom of the machine.

Never hooked it up, got for mobile use. Dug it out of the basement when the house started smelling like campfire. Clears it up in minutes.


oh, smacks head on table. my bad.


That’s a great reminder, thanks!

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