Whale toy. 16th project


Hi all. Wanted to create a toy for a friend son and created this one based on a similar toy I saw once on the web…what do you think?

All comments are really appreciated


I think it’s adorable! I’m so ready for my baby to play with things like sewing toys, but he’s still in the chomping-on-everything-lasered phase.


Oh, very cool - a lacing toy! :grinning:


Cool, and I can see something like this expanded into a knot board for older children.




Just wait long enough and he will chomp his own holes in it. And by then he will be ready for you to add the string.

I’m a good uncle.


Love these sorts of toys. I had them as a child and the ones my mother kept are heavily worn from constant play.

I hope to make some for my son


Great concept and execution.