What an interesting process

Pretty cool.


I’ve been wanting to try this for a while…first time I’ve seen the “open cup” approach.


Definitely worth trying - so easy and quite fun and addictive.

Definitely need the heat gun or some other way of popping the bubbles.

A little bit of a dark colour goes a long way.

It is a fairly random process, some results are much better than others.

It leaves quite a thick coat, be prepared for a long dry time.

I haven’t tried this on wood, only canvas, be interesting to see how well it finished on wood.

In the end it was good enough for us to put a couple pieces on the wall.

Oh, it is messy too!


I’ve been obsessively watching acrylic pouring during bouts of insomnia. :smile: This gal is my favorite and I’ve watched all her videos. I inadvertently discovered you can get a little bit of the bubbling effect layering lots of wet spray paint. Not that it’s really economical to do or as nice, but it was an interesting discovery.


Cool technique-

I’ve been wanting to try this, too. That’s a cool video.

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I’ve done quite a bit of acrylic pouring on canvas but here is one I poured on wood and then cut the design out with the laser. It is covered with resin.43%20PM


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