What are my options if GF just died?

My laser quit firing mid print. I checked everything. Powered off and on, etc… I’ve had this refurbished machine since March 2020. If this is the end, what are my options? Am I eligible for another refurbished? If so, anyone know how much they are charging now?

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Best to contact support. Either send an email to support@glowforge.com or give them a call at +1-855-338-2122. It is a weekend, though…so you may not get in touch with them right away.


I did. Have to wait until Monday. Thanks why I asked :slight_smile:


Obviously it depends on the kind of machine, but we’ve seen quotes for between $1700 and $4000 for a refurb (I’m dubous about that 4k, but it was posted so I’m sharing).

Does the machine power on, and just the laser doesn’t fire - or did the whole thing power down?


Should’ve stated it’s a Plus. Yes, it powers up, laser head moves like it supposed to, just no cutting or engraving as there is no laser emitting from the laser head.

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Gotcha - I’d guess your laser power supply failed, which is a bespoke part. Sigh.

Totally reach out to Support and see what they say! Let us know too.