What are you hoping will be in the catalog/store?


One thing I am dreaming of is some sort of modular storage with a variety of options that will fit in the Target 3x3 “bookcases.” I’d like lots of different size drawers and some fun way to use all the space that doesn’t leave 11-inch long drawers that things will get lost in.

Yes, I would pay for this! :slight_smile:

What do you hope will be in the catalog?


Hmmm, You are talking about this, right?


Is the target bookcase comparable to Ikea expedit and kallax series? Because, if so, I’d be surprised if you couldn’t find something, in the catalogue or elsewhere, that would work – they’re very popular storage units.

In the catalogue, I would be interested in things that I could use in my own designs – like hinged or lidded boxes I could customize, change the dimensions of, and that sort of thing. Sometimes I have ideas and don’t want to design completely from scratch :slight_smile: I would especially be interested in boxes with not-finger-joints joints.


Well as I get better at design of practical things there are fewer and fewer compete items I’ll be looking for.
I’m with @erin in looking for things that will give me a head start on personal projects. Parametric designs that allow you to make it just the right size would be super awesome! More and more of the stuff on Thingiverse is like this.


picture frames


I’m with @markevans36301 and @erin on this. I want some projects that showcase interesting and unique joining techniques, hinges, and other inspiring things.

It would be nice to have a few simple projects that showcase the capabilities of the Glowforge, like the votive candle that was demonstrated a few times.


@jkopel…so much better with the link! Yes, exactly!!!


I agree. Things that have parts that are transferable to other projects. It helps with the learning curve.

I’m sure given a while I could create the storage that I want…but, really it isn’t my first priority.


I’m looking forward to the art side of things - designs for laptop/phone ‘engraving’ in particular, either straight onto the naked surface or adhesive-backed veneer designs. I’d be open to pay $15+ for a well-designed laptop skin.


Gets my vote, I’m always looking for “good” storage solutions. I do mean good solutions and not the normal DIY hack jobs I use now.


I’m really hoping for a basic leather wallet design and a few types of keychains!

I promised myself I wouldn’t buy another wallet until I can make one on the glowforge!


I just want to see something unique. Something that I can make and show off. or a neat new tool.


Pretty clean and organized for a “hack job”… but yeah, you will be able to optimize it like crazy with custom shelf insert-boxes from the 'forge!


Storage is pretty high on my list. This includes bookcases.

I’m also hoping for a Glowforge work table.


Stylish designer handbags!
Lamps & votive candle holders.
Sign bases for lighted acrylic signs.
Tablet stands
USB drive cases
Guitar straps (need Pro for those)
Specialty rulers & templates (for acrylic)
Tablet cases
Jewelry boxes (ring, earring pendant)
Dollhouse furniture and miniatures

…to name a few.


All of what @cynd11 listed, plus clothing whose patterns can be custom-sized by the user, wallets, etc, lots of toys, etc.


Kinetic toys/gadgets


Give that man a cigar! The design in my head was way different to the reality in my “study”.


Different configurations of vintage printers boards. Please!