What Censorship is this...?

Come on now, I’ve been on this forum for years and now you’ve restricted “new” users to 3 replies in a single topic. Why…?

edit: I do not want an “owner” or “regular” badge, only that the community would be informed of changes that affect this community forum.

That actually is the default OOB behavior for new accounts in Discord. Ok, I was wrong on this point.

Rather than assuming censorship, perhaps the more constructive request might be “My account appears to have been reset to guest limits. Please restore my owner badge.”

But hey – we apparently have different approaches to asking for help. ¯\(ツ)/¯

Good Luck!


Looks like you lost your owner badge. I think that moves you out of the limited new user state.


It has been that way since I joined a year and a half ago. Without an owner badge, you’re really restricted.


Good point – the fact that his username is grayed out indicates his account is now set up as a guest account attached to someone’s active account. Missed that the first time around.


I do wish you would verify what you are saying before you speak.

There are not many options left except that they restricted “new user”, “guest account”, “whatever you want to call it” levels at some point in the last several months.

Definitely, someone on this forum needs to be critical of this company. We cannot all say everything is awesome at all times. They would have no motivation to do anything at that point, they are a for-profit company after all.

Riiiight… Now I remember you.
Knew the name looked familiar.


How did you forget me! We’ve been enemies since the founding days.

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You are correct wrt the number of replies – I edited my response above.

We must always be vigilant-- it is only by assuming the worst and hitting someone with a stick do we ever motivate them to change and improve. “Spare the rod, spoil the child” – or company in this case… (said with a large helping of sarcasm, as both a parent and a pet owner I know far better than to follow this draconian methodology)…


uhh…corporate criticism and child/pet abuse are very different things.

I would suggest reading my topic title with sarcasm as well, maybe the intent wasn’t clear I could’ve added an ... before the ? :man_shrugging:

Corporations are made of people. People respond in kind to how they are approached. Come at me in a threatening posture, I will be in threat response mode. Take a non-threatening, open posture, I will respond in a friendly manner. It’s how we are made.


Warning: unsafe for work, puppies and small children.


This from a certified expert on the subject.


We haven’t made any changes, but it looks like some change on Discourse side triggered a host of spam flags - I just spent the better part of an hour sorting through them. I disabled that particular warning, but do let me know if other new limits somehow materialize from the aether.


BTW I am the “community manager” in question. :slight_smile: We haven’t made any changes to these settings in >6 months, so any change in Discourse behavior is something on their side. If you find other changes, please open a new thread to let us know.