What comes after ear savers?

Think about all that Glowforge raw material! What will you make from the oceans of available (and free?) plexiglass when all the covid barriers come down?


I love the ideas the students came up with. That standing desk looks adjustable to me. Fascinating.

I’ve already asked the place I work for the plexiglass when it is no longer needed. I think I’ll ask my church too!

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Of course all this used plex will come un-papered.

What’s the best to laser cut naked plex to avoid grid flare marks?

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Risers, or sacrificial material underneath works well for flashback


Medium tack transfer paper for plastic, wood, or acrylic.
Large roll lasts forever. (or at least a long time, heh)

something like this:

Just be sure to use a putty knife or edge to flatten and remove any air bubbles.

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FYI this is commonly called “flashback” and there are lots of threads about it if you feel like browsing.

I use an old debit card to flatten out the air bubbles.

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