What country are you from?

Long time reader…first time poster!! :joy:
I would love to know what country people are from!?
I’m in New Zealand!
Can’t wait to get this incredible machiiiiiiine!!! :heart:


Cheers, and great to hear from you at last! :smiley: U.S.A., here, I’ve had the pleasure of meeting a few of you kiwis, oddly enough, all named Terry. Fantastic people each & every one!


Hey everyone!

Here future Glowforge owners from The Netherlands!
Looking forward in using the GF in our shop in Rotterdam, making our own designs and making custom stuff for walk-in customers.

Love this community already, think this will grow even more when we start experimenting with our long awaited beauties!

Have a great day!

Elwin & Nynke


Welcome, @chaotic_concepts! Be sure to check out the Glowforge Map–it’s fun to see the little blue G logos all over the world.


Canada, eh!

And I’m sorry, but we are building a wall. Well, we’re building a wall AFTER the freight forwarder delivers MY Glowforge unit across the border. Ya, eh. . . We are not going to have tons of Americans illegally entering our country like what happened in the 60’s during the Vietnam War. We’re going to build a wall, a really great wall. It’ll be big, really big. . . and really great! We may only have a handful of guys in red uniforms riding horses to defend it right now, but we are getting 18 shiny new Super Hornet Fighter Jets and they are fast, really fast and really great! So please stay where you are, eh. And if you absolutely feel the need to cross a border, do it to like California or Washington or Colorado, or Oregon, or Alaska or a really great state like those. I’m hearing people there are much “happier” than in some other states, eh.


@jdodds you are a regular so you are aware that we stay away from politics here on the forum. Please for the sensibilities of the many…:slight_smile: - Rich

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US here! Welcome!


Would you consider maybe just taking Lena Dunham off our hands before you build it? Chuckle!:wink:
(Pretty please with sugar?)

I’m in the US as well. Welcome to the funny farm! :cow2::hatching_chick::rabbit2:


OMG!!! That is rad! :slight_smile: thanks!! Appears there are 6 kiwis so far of those pinned on the map…none in my area!


USA here, near the Great Smoky Mountains in Tennessee.


Mexico city :relaxed:


USA, perched atop the Colorado Plateau in a suburb of Denver - where the slogan of “the mile high city” has taken on enhanced meaning…


LOL - Rich


Fort Collins, Colorado here.

Fort Collins has as more pot places than Starbucks. Getting at good buzz has variety now. :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:


:us: , also along the Front Range of Colorado betwixt Denver and Fort Collins.


Waterloo, Ontario, Canada here - but presently residing in the San Jose area of California for a little silicon valley tour of duty :slight_smile:


USA, in the mountains outside of Albuquerque. We are over 7000ft elevation and just had our first snow of the season Sunday evening.


Just saw that there’s been a 45% increase in teen DUI due to pot since legalization. I don’t think that was the result legalizers predicted when the law passed.

I find it interesting that with all the gnashing of teeth and the angst about cigarette smoking and the damage it does to people & castigation of the tobacco companies for knowing they were complicit in those problems (ever watch Thank You for Smoking?); we’re starting the cycle anew with magic cigarettes because “we can tax pot” if it’s legal.

I’m also fascinated by the intellectual dichotomy of people who rail against lawbreakers except when the laws are ones they disagree with - sanctuary cities and now sanctuary universities spring to mind.

Fortunately I’ll likely be dead when the payment for this moral ambiguity comes due.

History repeats itself over & over. Darwin may have missed something when it comes to human evolution.


I saw you on the Glowforge Map for Colorado :satellite:

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Chuckle! Oh no…Darwin was one of the few that got it right. :smile:

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