What did you get done today?

Sooo…its very obvious there was a hiccup today and so here is to those who made the best of it.

I started my GF at 9 AM and got about 4 prints done for my Etsy shop (each one taking an hour with $100 profit, so that’s not to bad). Then the app stopped uploading. After only spending all of 5 minutes trying to upload I then looked on the forums and saw there was already a thread started on the issue. So I decided to spend some time pre packing boxes and prepping orders while I let GF work its self out. 4 hours later I have everything ready for a weeks worth of orders and I even had time to design and sew a dress:

I then finished out 3 more orders and ended up having a very successful day. Sew, curious who else spent time making the best of things? I cant be the only optimist.


You accomplished more today than I do in a good week. I kept busy, but not productive.


I spent the day dealing with dragons!


I made some progress on my aquaponic grow bed.


Okay, that is really cool. My first internship was at HP in Houston and they had a huge site with a ton of machines. They had tons of 3D printers and basically paid an overhead cost and so if they didn’t have anything for work to print, it was best to put random stuff in it to print. One day I went into the 3D printer room and it was decked out in dragons. I guess when trying to decide what to print, a dragon is a very strong candidate?


I didn’t get a damn thing done today :confused:


Okay, that is really impressive. All I know of aquaponics is that its really an enlightening thing to do. I miss Texas…where there are not many ticks :slight_smile:

Did you use a online guide or resource to make them? I have been looking on Pinterest before to try and figure out them but not sure where to start on that.


Not a damn thing or just not a damn thing that you were supposed to get done? I was supposed to pack for a trip but successfully punted that for 5 am tomorrow. So I got stuff done today but it was preference based :slight_smile:


I’m on the same page as you. I took the time today to do some other tasks I never enjoy doing: getting shipping materials prepped, cleaning out the scrap pile for actual usable scraps, weeding some of my intricate engraves for a wholesale order, and overall just tidying up my workspace!
I was able to keep printing some orders, as they had already been uploaded.
It was a good forced “alternative” working day!


I had a 3-bed system going in a greenhouse back when we lived in WA. I got a lot of help from the Backyard Aquaponics forums for that one. They’re a nice bunch of people, only other forum I’ve ever liked as much as this one! :slight_smile:

That system was amazing for rooting stuff, and there’s a lot of stuff here I want to take cuttings of for our new house, so I’m setting up a mini-system just for that.


I had around 25 people over after church for Sunday lunch. My sister and I take turns but it’s a lot to cook for. We did this as children and have been so close to our cousins. And now, our grandchildren are just as close…so that means 9 kids in the house 9 and under. It’s loud but we always have fun!


smoked 8lb of bacon. watched my friend’s disco band play.


I worked for a few hours on the haunted forest, then acted in a Murder Mystery Dinner Theater.


Finished painting our home office in prep of new floor installation. Paint splatter on the carpet – who cares, it’s outta here next week. :sunglasses:

Oh, and I finally finished setting up my basement workshop…


You’re a machine! Seriously inspiring :slight_smile:

I painted some stone work for my first every diaorama/shelforama that I have been putting off doing for a while now. It looks great so far, looking forward to finishing it.

Luckily I had managed to make one of the cuts I really needed to before the issue started. It must have started during my print so I consider myself very lucky!


I love the setup you have for your screen!! That is a cool work station.


Planted some trees. This may not seem terribly difficult to most of you, but at my Texas hill country location this means pulling out the tractor and jackhammer, then hauling in actual soil to fill the void.


That’s what you get for building your house on a giant rock! :wink:


Lol I could imagine. Growing up we use to go to enchanted rock all the time and all over the hill country there. It is amazing out there.


Thanks! I find it the perfect size to work at - not big enough to collect crap stuff. The top hinges up to access the mac mini inside.