What do I do with this?


Got mine on Wednesday and the BF helped me set it up and print the Founders Ruler.

Once it was done, he handed it me and said “Congrats on the most expensive ruler you will ever own.”

Of course, he had mucked with it in the app and made it too large so i need to reprint it now.


There is always some residual smoke left in the unit that escapes after lifting the lid. But just for FYI… I would bet 3 out of 4 folks thought they had a tight fitting vent. Then they run the GF and find there is a strong smell caused by incredibly small leaks where the vent hose meets the GF unit or where the vent hose connects to a window or external vent. Needs foil tape to seal good.


I have a two foot shot straight out the wall. Used foil tape on the flex tube end points. No smells.
A small wisp now and again after a cut if I am in too big a hurry, but the Wife has not complained and she can smell a cat farting in the next yard, so…

It can be done.


That’s how satellites get crashed in space!


Ok, I’ll do that, then. I was not very impressed with the super short vent connection in the back of the GF. There was almost no surface area there.


Got pics of how you did the foil tape? Oh nm, I can use search. :slight_smile:


Most of the smell winds up deposited on the masking too…remove that as soon as the job is done and stick it in a ziploc bag. Cuts way down on the smell.


I bought this. It is a two pack so one on each end of the run. The foil was only needed on the flex hose end, the band straps made them tight to back of the Glowforge.

Smoke leaking out from the exhaust port connection

Great, thank you! I saw that you said two-pack, but the description says one, so I ordered two and will just return one if necessary. Gotta love free dropoffs for Amazon returns!


“No smells…it can be done.”

Thank you @brokendrum exactly what I nead to hear!

And just to be clear in case anyone else is worried, it’s not bad, just noticable.

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The straight connectors come 2 to a box. The 90 degree elbow is a single.

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Still waiting on those connectors. Oh, the agony! But I did finish the real table for the Glowforge and got it off of the floor. :slight_smile:


One thing to check is your window…I taped and retaped and used booster fans and was STILL getting a lot of smell in my shop.

One day I finally noticed that my nifty window insert (similar to yours) resulted in a large gap between the two window sections…I guess windows aren’t designed to be left half open. :roll_eyes: So I was venting it out, and that gap between the two panes let the smell right back in.

So I added some weather stripping between the two window sections…and the smell is finally gone!


AH that is a great observation!!! I am going to check that out right now. :slight_smile: Thank you!


Of course, there is a gap, just as you had said. And of course, the weatherstripping I have on-hand is not the right kind, so I need to find something else at the hardware store tomorrow. I need something that’s lower density so it doesn’t get torn off when I slide the window.


I picked up something from the hardware store that does a wonderful job of sealing the window, yet the smell persists. I guess I will have to wait for those attachments to lengthen the hose contact and then tape all of that off. Foobot says the air quality in my office is bad. I have my Molekule air filtration running in the desperate hope that it will help, but it doesn’t seem like it. My office smells like smoke everywhere!


Ran into exactly this last spring with my PRU. In my case, it turned out the weatherstripping itself was not gas/odor/smoke proof, being made to just keep rain and dust out. I backed it up with weatherstripping tape and boy howdy did that make a huge difference!


Still waiting on adapters, but in the meantime, check out this really nicely-designed duct fan I picked up from amazon!!! I think this will help keep air flowing through my office during cutting.


I have a similar model to this.

If the CFM max is 400 or 600 (or higher), consider a variable controller (if supported) used inline with the power.

The one I use is:


This will help when you do paper/lightweight material from being sucked up (especially if you cut is the part you want to keep).

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