What do I think of my Glowforge thus far?


Hello All,

Long time lurker first time poster. Just want to let everyone know what I think of my Glowforge so far. See Photo for answer. More to follow as I get time.



You got style! :sunglasses:


This looks so simple yet it looks so AWESOME!


Thank You


Thank you. Starting simple and working my way up. Still only using draftboard till I have something worth hardwood.


I love how you set it out on the glowforge lid with the name showing below. Verrrryy classy!


Thank you. Yes thought would make for a cool shot.


Very Nice! I would have known you were a photographer just by the composure. :sunglasses:


Thanks. Yep also a photographer. :wink:


You make it look good.


Thank you Dan. Glad you like it. Thank you and your team for making such an awesome product. It was definitely worth the wait.