What does your Friday night look like?


Here’s Friday at Casa Martinell!

Update … unpacking them is done and the project ran into Saturday but here’s the finished product … anyone wanna play a game, turns out we have a couple to choose from :wink:


Fantastic! I just finished playing a round of Pandemic: Reign of Cthulhu. Fun stuff!


Cure is in one of these towers!


my Friday night was taking apart two of the three chinchilla cages and packing them all into the ex g/f’s car as she finally got a house after 3 years /sad face. so a week ago I had 9 animals (4 rabbits 5 chinchillas) and today I only have 4 animals 2 rabbits and 2 chinchillas </3


I work in reality TV and finished a hellacious 3 months of work on a show today. So tonight I polished off the last of the beer in the fridge & some American Pickers on TV. Being productive can wait until tomorrow.


4 loads of vacation laundry done.
3 batches of make ahead meals (chicken noodle, beef stew and pancakes for toasting in the toaster).
Designed some merch for an upcoming gaming convention vender booth.
Caught up on DVR shows.


Awwww, I’m sure you miss them. I would.

Friday through Sunday here: watching the lovely fringe of ice on the deck grow as we endure an ice storm in our area. Our outside Christmas tree is really pretty encased in ice with the tiny lights shining through it.


How was it? We just finished playing through Pandemic Legacy. That was fun.


Not that much to do way out here. About 20 of us got together and played oldtime tunes until 1:30 AM in an abandoned log cabin. No electricity, oil lamps for light and heated by wood or coal. A big pot of mixed Kielbasa, cabbage, greens and potatoes warming on an old wood fired cook stove. This video, in dim light, was taken more than 7 years ago. It’s just for our fun and not intended as entertainment.

Can't wait for the Glowforge

Hi @polarbrainfreeze,

It was super fun. It’s the only Pandemic game I have played.

At home we tend to play cooperative games as competitive tensions can run high (and game playing should be fun).


…but, still entertaining! The folks we jam with play a variation of that tune.


That’s awesome, everyone should experience a weekend with no electricity and just nature like that


You win!


planned next home brew, video games, carrots. :wink:

made an enormous flatbread covered in za’atar and sesame seeds, though, which was tasty.

cheers, we try to do something similar every summer.


I loved seeing that!


Same as every night looks for me… Heat lamps, epoxy resin, carbon fiber, and lots of dust.


Not often does the phrase, “sounds like fun”, really mean those words. But that sounds like fun!


That was totally awesome! You guys are great! :smile:


Man, I thought my collection of board games was well filled out, but I’m still lagging behind your collection, time to get more serious :wink:


Thanks, It wasn’t necessarily a good night musically but was the easiest video to find. Last night was great though. Had several old masters show up and that always energizes the room. We do it several times a month with only one or two days warning. Had musicians come in from 4 states and DC in spite of the expected ice storm.