What else can you do with 2000$? Save lifes (off topic)

Hello everyone,

yeah my glowforge will arrive later than i expected. But i am also waiting for another gadget. Butterfly IQ. Since 2014 i am waiting that this product will come reality. My brother in law is a developer there and i know also the other guys who are creating this little piece of magic.

Maybe you heard from it through the media the last days. If not feel free to check out their website https://www.butterflynetwork.com/

What i learned during this time is what makes me a little bit more understanding why the glowforge is late. Doing something what nobody has done before is not easy. And as a markering person i see again how important it is to have a brandstory. Glowforge sells us the opportunity of creating anything. Butterfly tells now the story of a person who saved his own life by exploring cancer.

I never thaught that i would need a laser until i saw the promotion video. I never thaught i would need an ultrasonic device…

What about you? Do you need also a ultrasonic device? :slight_smile:


Cool innovation!

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Wow, that is incredible!

Not only for humans, but I can see it revolutionizing animal care. For instance, when the cat rescue I support brings in a female cat in the right season, they need to know if the animal is pregnant. Accessible ultrasound like this would save lives!


Nice to hear, that also animal lifes can be saved. And just for info. I tested the device early this year and it does work, of course i do not had an idea what i was doing, but it showed something on the iphone :slight_smile: