What glue to use for making acrylic pins

Hi. I searched but not finding exactly what I need. I want to make some pins gluing a metal pin to the back of some acrylic. I did this once before for a pin for my daughter but I can’t remember what I used. I have e6000, gorilla brand gel super glue and Elmer’s. I doubt I used Elmer’s. Has anybody had success with the other two? I would prefer not buy anything new if possible and don’t have a lot of testing time. This is for a project I need to rush for some gifts I want to give in 2 days. Thanks for any advice.


Use the e6000 :slight_smile:


Ok great thank you. I am assuming that is what I did last time then but just don’t remember. I appreciate the quick reply!

If it’s opaque acrylic, I’d recommend roughing up the back no matter what you use. If it’s clear maybe not.


Ok great I will. Thank you.

I second @evansd2 on taking a bit of sandpaper to the place you will be gluing. Also, it takes 24 hours to cure, so glue it up and don’t touch it for that long! It does make a difference. And apply enough that the glue oozes up around the edge (or with pin backs that have holes through the center flat plate, through the holes), and that will give it more holding power.


I use E6000. I haven’t had any issue using it with either pin backs or earring studs on acrylic. I’ve never sanded it before, though that advice sounds like it would help.

I like it because it’s also easy to clean up…I glob it on, wait a few hours until it’s gummy, then hold my pinback or earring in place and peel off the excess E6000. It comes off super easy, then I let it sit for a day.