What Happened to Mike?

This post has become largely inaccessible:

You can only see it if you have the direct link. Why has this happened?


Yeah. It’s weird. All of @MikeH’s posts got flagged and he no longer pops up on user auto fill. That was quick for someone to cancel and get booted.


presumably it’s a bug related to getting cancelled, I wonder if someone selected the wrong option when disabling his forum access…

@dan @rita @discourse


I dunno…kinda smacks of Big Brother.

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when someone cancels, their forum access is disabled, but all their posts remain in place. assuming that someone wasn’t trying to flag them i’m guessing he accidentally got placed in some class that downweighted all his posts.

But degrading them all the way to unlisted? Seems harsh.

why do you think i keep saying accident? it’s literally never been done to any other cancelled poster so i don’t see why it would be done here. it’s not harsh, it’s an error (or, again, some group really did flag them all but that seems unlikely).


…or a new “policy”

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Almost certainly a forum software oddity. I bet the order cancellation went through (the forum accounts can only be created by a :glowforge: owner).

i looked through his post history, it’s seemingly only that thread, which is weird for a forum bug. but it’s also possible a staff member erroneously decided to remove it, mikeh asked it be removed (unlikely), or the community flagged it.

i’m still betting on a bug, or maybe just hoping.


I’m going to go back and remove the likes and see what happens, I don’t see how that could have caused that and I didn’t see anything wrong with his posts. He did not degrade glowforge in any way so I doubt it was anything but a fluke


It won’t let me unlike the posts and they are all hidden so idk, if it was a glitch caused by my likes I apologize

Don’t know that I’ve ever seen this icon (in front of the post title) :

edit: my brain’s image-recognition system has turned this into an eye with a razor blade in front of it, and now I can’t stop thinking about that one, key scene from Un Chien Andalou. If you’ve seen it, you know. If you haven’t, don’t worry about it (but maybe don’t track it down and watch it; It’s graphic. you’ve been warned.)


They might have put a new automated process in place that locks things up when a member is removed. I just went in and deleted a post in the thread that I had made (the only action open to me) and all of the hidden posts displayed.

Just some setting is incorrect somewhere, I’ll bet.


:sweat_smile: glad it wasnt just me lol

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I think it is a mistake. For some reason his trust level is set to New User, too.

Only one of his topics has become “unlisted.” And it’s the one where he says he’s cancelling.

That’s very atypical behavior for a mistake or a bug or a user removal action. I smell a rat.

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I’m betting it was part of an automation when his account was closed, I bet for some reason it auto flagged and hid his posts from today (something along the lines of the date of his account being suspended and his posts having the same day caused the system to flag all of his posts from today.) plenty others post that they are canceling and go on to cancel and this hasn’t happened before. @dan has always allowed complaints and the like as long as they weren’t vulgar or attack another forum member. Any kind of “big-brother” conspiracy would be seriously out of character.


Seems to be automated behavior corresponding with a post being flagged multiple times. If the post being flagged is post #1 of a thread (the origin) it would make sense for the thread to also be assigned limited visibility until the flags were reviewed.


You know – always have to wonder why, when anything happens, some folks are so quick to turn to the darkside and assume (you know what we do when we assume) mal-intent. Maybe if we looked at things with better eyes than that…

After all – sometimes a banana really is just a banana…