What happened to the QOTD topic?



Just an administrative note: since we weren’t keeping up on posting these, I merged them in with the Q&A. We can always post a new one here for you, and you can find the old ones by searching for “QOTD”.


At this time of the night, you are suppose to be home, tucking your kids in, then having your favorite brew!!!


Kids go to bed at 8:00. :slight_smile:


As much as I loved my daughters when they were young, an 8:00 bedtime was a blessing sometimes! - Rich


So… Do you love them more or less now? :wink:

My son’s got a 9:30 weekend bedtime. Younger daughter 10:00. So that’s been all week this week with Winter Break." My wife and I haven’t watched a single episode of {show} all darn week!

  • Tom


I love them more now. As I got older I understood love more and more, and if I may…the source of love. - Rich