What has two thumbs, can execute a pass-through perfectly but is too dander headed to figure that the center console is tapered?

Anyway, you can’t see the draftboard here and that is how it is supposed to be. A layer of excess DeWalt trays, a custom cut piece of Draftboard, and then another layer of trays. Making everything SOOOOO much more organized.

Here is the piece before the install. Super simple, super useful.
The half moons are just to get your fingers in to lift it.


See, they ought to provide a tray or something…that’s a fantastic fix! :grinning:


Looks like somebody likes their snacks. Nice job!


Yeah, unfortunately I’ve always liked my snacks. I have some stuffed away in the truck now as at this point in life I can’t just grab something out of a vending machine so I make sure I have something I can have with me.


Nothing wrong with that, I just read a story of a man who was trapped in the snow in his car, and kept himself alive for 5 days with packets of taco sauce. You would have come through just fine!
I like the video of the man in his element.


Actually, your snacks look quite healthy. You can use your newly created layer as an actual tray on which to eat them. And, besides all that, I liked just seeing your friendly face in the post. Nice work, Mark!


Loved the video clip! Sorry it didn’t work out the way you wanted … But you will get something worked out … I have no doubts.


Oh I got it second try, I’m no quitter and I keep plenty of draft-board around!

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