What I made on glowforge

NOTHING… because I’m still waiting for shipping. Just trying to keep it together while watching you all make things. I’m trying to be happy for you!!!


I’m sorry. I know it’s not funny. You get points for originality though…that made me laugh.

Hang in there.


Poor Harold.


I hear ya. I’ve been designing stuff that’s all ready to go the moment I get mine hooked up in November.


I truly AM sorry you’re having to wait and that it’s killing you…but this was hilarious. It will be everything you’ve been hoping for, and more…believe me!


I give you a like too, because it makes me laugh too.
And i’m waiting like you…


I hope to hear from you when you get your “Golden Email” to celebrate with you.

It truly is worth the wait (as painful as the delays have been)!!!

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Thanks for the encouragement! I will share and post and post. I will probably cry. Yah Im gonna cry. I am just SO afraid that I won’t get it till after Christmas. :frowning:

BTW, Pro or Basic and US or Overseas or Northern Hemisphere?

Order date (approximate)

Basic, US, ordered on 4/27/16.

That does put you farther back (than the pre-order campaign), but maybe you will have a very thankful Thanksgiving.

I remember that there was to be a initial surge of Pro’s but that then the Basic’s are to be geared up. Since the Basics (as of this morning) are at Day 14 “shipping”, that is almost halfway through the pre-order campaign which means they are getting closer to your order.

Looking forward to seeing what’s up with your Basic and seeing the progress of “shipping” getting closer to your order.

Congrats on the awesome work on your Noforge!

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I’m not expecting mine before Thanksgiving and I was in the pre-order campaign. :no_mouth: Granted it is a pro and not a basic, but still…