What I made today

My wife is training for Ironman and as such spends a lot of time on the bike trainer in the living room. She needed a place to keep her phone or tablet while peddling so I made this for her. It took about 90 min in Illustrator to design and 15 to cut.

To make the logo I actually just brought up an image in my web browser and measured it then tabbed back and forth to make the image match. It was surprisingly effective.


That’s rad! I love how often ya’ll make things that I would never think of,
or that I’d design completely differently. I particularly like how you
handled the curves.


Thanks! The biggest thing for me was to make the little pegs of the supports fit the holes in the plate. I could have held it with glue alone but I had not done it this way before so I wanted to try.


I had to give this a good long stare to really take in how awesome and clever it is. Amazing work @Kallisti!


Thank you, I try :slight_smile:


Very nice. I agree. This is an unexpected application. That Ironman logo rocks.


If you are ever creating something and need a brand logo, check out Brands of the World (http://www.brandsoftheworld.com). They are a free repository of vector brand logos. (99% of the logos were created in Adobe Illustrator). The site is very popular in the advertising industry.

The Ironman logo is available on the site. It could have saved you a few minutes.


Wow! Thanks for the resource!

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Awesome work! I especially like your games in the background!!!

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Nice and simple design, I love it. Thanks for sharing.

Awesome project!!! You’re thoughtful for helping your wife to better enjoy her inside training for the ironman.

Your wife is a hero/rock star TRAINING FOR THE IRONMAN!!! Wow impressive indeed!!!

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I live right in an area we have two Ironman events a year and know a local who does them. Kjell Schioberg, maybe your wife knows the name. Seems like a pretty tight community.

Now he will want one of those you made.

Check out AutoHotKey. Then look for a script to set window transparency.

AHK is an amazing tool to have for myriad reasons. But for your specific case of trying to re-create a vector based on an image in a browser, making your drawing program 50% transparent would have saved you the tabbing back and forth.


i guess I’m confused on the process - why not save image, or even screen grab, place on a layer in Illustrator with reduced opacity and trace on a top layer? That’s what I do for tracing at least :slight_smile:

Window transparency would be useful only when unable to save the image. If you can place the image into another program, then tracing by hand shouldn’t be needed.

And with the snipping tool I cannot image being unable to save any and all still images. But there was some reason to tab (I assume)

Funny, I already use AutoHotKey, for Dwarf Fortress. :slight_smile:
It’s my favorite game.

It just made sense to me at the time. There are probably better ways.


I think the coolest thing about this forum is the VAST amounts of knowledge in so many different subject areas. It makes me want to put my entire workflow up here and see what suggestions can be made to improve it. Or pie in the sky ideas. Or anything else.

Not sure how comfortable you are with illustrator but the number one thing to learn, in my opinion, is the pen tool. Point to point, Bézier curve, how to reset a point to stop the curve, etc. Once you learn the pen tool in and out, you can knock out outlines like the logo in a heartbeat and a ton more.

Great project btw. Just goes to show how functional this tool will/can be around the house with just a bit of thought.


Been there. Often just fall into the trap of doing something by hand in the tools (AI or Corel) without taking advantage of a function that will either do what I want or make it 100% easier. The tools have so much capability it’s hard for someone who isn’t using them all day to remember all the nuances. Worse when you use multiple tools :slightly_smiling_face:


I’m just learning Illustrator as well. I have some Photoshop experience and I can use Inkskape fairly well but Illustrator is still new to me.