What is happening - nothing printing

I am trying a design from my premium account onto a bamboo cutting board. It looks correct and i focus it. When it “prints” it just goes side to side in the exact same place, printing nothing. I added “Pat’s” which printed ok but the design isn’t.

Your speed/power is wrong. You need to engrave the board, but your settings don’t look like they are set to engrave. Also, make sure your board in in the focus range.


Thanks, I’ll check that.

Also - unless that cutting board is only 1/4" thick the focus and camera placement will never be correct sitting on top of the crumb tray as 1/4" above the crumb tray is the max. You can take out the crumb tray and place your cutting board on the bottom if your cutting board is between 1/4"-1/2" thick.


Thanks. It is .32" so I’ll remove the tray.


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