What is needed, prep work for the email

So, if the site stays accurate I will be getting my golden email in just a few days. The question here is, I moved since ordering does the email ask for current address before shipping it out or do I have to update it somewhere else? Next question, do you have to do the ups premium thing I heard of or can they just deliver to the door? And does the email come from same address as the monthly updates? Next, I read not to use a power strip, can you use an extension cord then? And if the power goes out or a breaker trips will the forge be ok? Final question is has anyone had an issue running it in colder weather by just putting the exaust out the vent only in use then detaching after? I have never used by other laser in fears that the bulb would freeze. Thanks for any advise.

It asks for your shipping address. It won’t let you click the “Yes, send me my Glowforge!” button until you’ve filled out the address.

UPS will deliver to your door unless you tell them otherwise.

If you’re having it delivered to a residential address then you should sign up for UPS My Choice® as it tends to notify you of your tracking number before Glowforge emails it to you. UPS My Choice also gives you extra options such as setting a vacation hold or instructing them that you’d rather pick it up the package at your local UPS Customer Center.

Yes, as long it’s grounded, uses sufficiently thick wire (12 or 14 AWG should be fine, but don’t use anything with a higher number), and is in good condition (e.g., no cuts in the insulation) then it should be fine.

Yes, it should be fine.


Neighborhood of 800 watts. if your breaker trips, you have a problem, and it’s not your laser.


thanks for the info.