What is that blue thing? .... that broke the internet

Well, since my 'Forge is “Geordi” (La Forge), I could only respond with my relevant “Number One.” And Picard’s a maker, too, right? “Make it so!”

Love that all, too! Would love to have a sound along with “ready” text and the button lighting up to be Pickard’s “Make it So”.

Of course another reference could be the original No. 1, before relegated to nurse for the series…


I consider that a promotion. :wink:


Almost snorted out the water I was drinking… the world (and multiverses) would indeed be a horrible place without nurses. :smile:


There are four lasers!

And brilliant insider joke.


Perhaps it could shoot the moon … Fore!!!..



Really, I LOL’d!!


they have to quote you and reply directly :upside_down_face:

I left it as an open facebook group, will it not let you view it and download it with out? everytime I try to upload the svg on here it is removing the image from it for somereason, I must be doing something wrong. PM me your email address and I can send it that way if it won’t let you do it without an account or a relatives account.

Are you sure the image isn’t just really tiny? The forum setting makes them too small to see, but they are there. It’s like a jpg image and you can adjust the size picture by adding to the numbers (20x10) the link.

nope not that, something else cuz I even right click and opened in the preview window in new tab full size and no image, idk why

I did try going to the link and clicking on “files” and nothing seems to happen? Am I missing something?

Thank you.

What's%20that%20blue%20thing here is the file when I upload it here idk why the image isnt showing up, just send me a private message and i can email it to you if you would like me to. idk why its doing this.

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What’s that blue thing.ai (676.5 KB)
here is the ai file, maybe see if that works too

seems like the ai file works but not the svg upload for some reason, there you go just use the ai file then save as svg. solved.

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The .ai does seem to work, not sure why part of the.svg is not there? It could be one of the problems that the Discord software here has that gets discussed every once in a while? Thanks for this, much appreciated.


I am TOTALLY going to start calling it that!!! :slight_smile:


Sure thing, no problem.


I thought that was the name of the forums software? Did I err in some way?


It’s called Discourse.

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