What is the best program to convert cdr files to svg

I am using an old version of illustrator and I need to convert a cdr file to svg. I see there are several free options with a google search but I was looking for recommendations. Thanks.

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CDR is Corel I thought.
Does Illustrator use it as an extension also?

Anyway, pop it up in a ZIP file and I can svg it no problem if it is indeed a CDR.

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If I can’t open it how can I zip it?

You don’t need to open a file to zip it. Not sure what your OS is, google “how to zip file windows” or “how to zip file Mac” to get an answer.

There are also lots of online converters. If it’s nothing too sensitive, you might try https://cloudconvert.com/cdr-to-pdf or any other of the many that google will show you.

I always wonder what they do with my files (I’m essentially giving them a copy), but like I said if it’s nothing secret, I don’t worry about it much.

Just post it in CDR format and I’ll convert it (I think CDR is supported as an attachment type by Discourse).

Testing the CDR theory.
THE-Clasp.cdr (18.9 KB)

Seems to take it.

If you have Inkscape it will convert 7.0 and after CDRs fairly well. Just import then save as you wish.

try https://www.zamzar.com/

It appears to be a Corel version 19 (x9) file, my version 17 (x7) of Corel does not want to open it.