What is the largest Inkscape SVG the GFUI can accept?

Does anyone know what are the limits of an Inkscape SVG that the GFUI can accept? I recently purchased a file that is quite detailed and has
plenty of paths. However I keep getting the Error message (attached)

. I know I can manually take the time to split it into pieces but that would take quite some time so I thought I might see if someone had figured out some kind of shortcut. Any ideas?

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According to @eflyguy:

The GFUI seems to fall over at around 25,000 nodes.


You might find this thread useful:


Something has changed.

I can not upload that file right now. I get the same error.

I have several files in the 20MB range that used to upload just fine, that I just tried and will not.


How do I determine the number of nodes in an SVG easily?

I saw your second reply after I asked my question. I don’t know what you have tried but I have reinstalled Inkscape and tried saving the SVG in multiple formats as well.

It’s got nothing to do with Inkscape. These are files I’ve had for years. Something has changed on the GF server side.

I don’t know if this is related but several browsers have stopped working such as TinkerCAD & Canvas. Potentially smartsheets as well. I know Canvas is closed due to the servers failing or something as well as TinkerCAD.

The Web is having a bad day today


So it probably related then. Probably best to wait a few days and then see what happens.

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I don’t think it’s the internet!
I have a file for coasters that has alot of detail I can only upload 4 coasters at a time and it takes 4.6 min to upload the file. Sometimes I get a wait message before it will complete that process. After that, it takes 1hr 14min to engrave and cut the 4 coasters. Then I have to do the entire thing all over again. In order for me to cut 12 coasters, it’s over 4 hours. The engraving process of this machine is simply too slow.
I love the machine, but it is very slow.

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Just curious - is that engrave section vector or raster?

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I am not trying to engrave, only cut. And since I am ignorant, what is raster exactly?

I have just finished a job that took about an hour to set up and then 7.8 hours to cut. 95% of that cutting time was raster engraving. I just let it run and hit go when I noticed the light blinking.

I don’t know how to raster a file, so it’s a engrave.

I have Gb fiber internet. The files take 2-3 seconds to upload.

Once competed, I get the same error.

These are the exact files I had no issue with in the past. I just searched for the biggest ones I have in my Laser Stuff folder.

I kept fiddling with it and the most complex files I have (node count) in the 2-3Mb range work fine.

Mine are around 12 MB each so a bit big.

Oh now I’m confused, your post said engrave?

There are two main types of image formats: vector and raster.
Vectors are made up of mathematically defined lines and anchors/nodes - they can be cut, scored or engraved in the GFUI.
Rasters are made up of pixels, more like a mosaic of tiles, with no nodes at all - they can only be engraved in the GFUI.

I asked which you are using because for engraving only you can eliminate the very complex/too many nodes issue by sending a raster version of the artwork instead of vector.


I misunderstood your post. I thought you were talking to me about swmisher’s post. Not sure why. I am only cutting.

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