What is the stiching spacing and hole sizing for a wallet?

Really didn’t know where to put this. by my wallet is completly destroyed. I have been unwilling to replace it for over a year now because “when my glowforge arrives I will make a new one”. well I’ve gotten Beamer.

and he is all about making me a wallet.

so what should I use for spacing on the stiching and the diameter of the holes? is there a rough template for spacing out there?

thanks all


There’s a wallet in the catalog (which I bought). The holes are 1/8th of an inch apart, which is the same spacing as a tool I bought that pokes holes while you roll it, so I’m guessing that’s a standard spacing. And each hole is a diagonal line 1/16th of an inch long.


did you get the 6 pocket wallet?

can you edit it so you can ad artwork?

You can add artwork to catalog designs.

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Yes, once you load the design from the catalog, you can “add artwork” and load in whatever you like.

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can you delete the stitch holes from the design? I want to use my sewing machine, not hand sew…

I have no idea.

which sewing machine do you have?

It depends on the design. Looking at the 3-pocket wallet design, I believe the stitch holes are their own job operation, so you could just ignore that layer.

Others, if not their own job operation, you may be able to go in, select the stitch holes and delete them. Just depends on how it’s grouped.

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early 1900 singer

hmm so do you have that design available or are you speculating? I appreciate your reply either way! I did make the card wallet and the stitch holes were separate and removable but on the notebook they were not and I had to cancel the job right when it got to the holes… still made two hole cuts tho… so before i buy the bifold i want to make sure i can eliminate those holes from being cut…

The only one I have in my library is the 3-pocket executive one. I just glanced at it from my phone, but the stitch holes appear to be on their own job layer.

The other ones you may be able to delete the stitching holes out but I haven’t tried.

Ah yes my apology I didn’t read that correctly. I have the executive wallet as well and you can remove the stitch holes but not in the notebook so I am still wondering about the bifold… maybe someone else will chime in that had it:)

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